We had a sick day today, which means we took it easy and still haven't started our Mineralogy block. The boys mostly read, interspersed with sniffling, coughing, and moaning. We did spent a few minutes talking about palindromes (today is 11-02-2011, or 2011-11-02 if you prefer international standard notation). I have no pictures, however.

Still, it is National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo) and I figure I can slam dunk it here on this blog (we won't talk about my other blogs), whereas I know NaNoWriMo simply isn't going to happen. Indeed, after completing NaNoWriMo in 2007 (after great tragedy) I seem to have invited mishap (or more) every timeIi say I'm going to do it. So I'm not doing it this year.

Hopefully this will post; last night I lost a post I had written for another blog. I'm using my iPad as my MacBookPro is currently undergoing experimental surgery; removal of old hard drive to be replaced with a solid state drive as well as starting completely over (we migrated my account to the iMac first). Which is another reason I can't post a photo – Blogger really should have an iPad app!

Hmm, I learned that can't post from an iPad at all.  Quick copy and paste here on the iMac and we are good to go. Thank goodness for iCloud and the syncing of email! I thought to copy to the post before I tried to publish it on the iPad so when it failed I didn't lose anything (see, I learn from my mistakes). I emailed it to myself and here we are, back in business.


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