I'm Starting to Really *Like* Cleaning the House

There are parts of homekeeping that I love, some that I enjoy, and some that I tolerate. I generally love cooking and baking and enjoy the daily tasks of keeping a home: tidying, doing laundry, making the bed, etc. But I can't say that I have ever really enjoyed the weekly house cleaning. Either we did it quickly and I was unhappy with the results or we did it properly and it took a full day from our weekend.

That is beginning to change however, now that they boys are pitching in and we've done yet another round of decluttering and we changed the rooms around.

Now in 2 - 3 hours we can get the house really clean. It isn't a full spring or fall cleaning of course, but I do have time to tackle a few of the chores that used to get missed sometimes, such as cleaning ceiling fans, dusting baseboards, polishing furniture (vs. simply dusting it), etc.

I really didn't know that raising children could be like this. We are a real team (more on that tomorrow); we work together to the house clean and none of us has to feel that we are doing more than our fair share. Well, it's possible that a certain 11YO would still rather not clean, but he's getting better about it. The boys are learning skills and habits that will serve them well in their adult years. They may choose to live as total slobs as young adults, but they will know how to remedy the situation if they need too (like when Mama is coming over, lol).


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