(Something tells me that isn't the first post I've given this title to.)

I love our homeschool group. Like big pink puffy heart love everyone in it. These are relationships that go back a decade an more, since I first met one member online 11 years ago. It was a couple more years before we connected in real life and she is one of my best friends. It has been 8 years since I met the first family (not that first family) in person and I've known everyone for at least 3 years now. We're settled, we're comfortable with each other, and our kids are fantastic friends.

Today was our annual Thanksgiving potluck. I'll admit that I didn't take a single photo; I imagine if I had tried to get one of the kids it would have been a blur. My boys are going to sleep well tonight! I helped cooked, enjoyed my meal, and sat and gabbed with my friends for hours. Seriously, we were at the potluck for more than 6 hours!

I can't imagine homeschooling without this group of friends. My boys would be lonely and so would I!


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