An End and a Beginning

So I did it, I blogged everyday this month. Honestly, I didn't love doing it and I'm glad that it's over. I much prefer posting when I feel like it.

We started the reboot of Waldorf homeschool grade 6 today. I'm not going to allow myself to assess how it's going until we finish this block. First days tend to go well for us with plenty of enthusiasm on both sides; it's one to two weeks into a block that I have a good sense of how it is going.

It went slowly, but after a simple circle (candle lighting, singing, and beginning to learn a new verse) we started with our basics: Daily Grammar and a math fact sheet from Making Math Meaningful. We spent some time reviewing parts of speech (as we'll soon be incorporating Waldorf grammar into our mornings), then we had our math main lesson. And that was it. We won't start independent lesson time until next week. Today was PE so we didn't have a traditional afternoon lesson.


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