Mineralogy Day 6

(The post where I can't win for trying.)

I thought today would be better. I decided to start with main lesson work and save Life of Fred for after, however we never got to Life of Fred. While the boys were excited to talk about the Pangea and the Ring of Fire, J-Baby stumbled and stalled over copying the list of prominent volcanoes into his MLB. He didn't even finish his work, he just put it away when Papa came home from work.

I'm at a bit of a loss. He isn't globally unhappy or unhelpful. He did show me (very excitedly) that his twelve year molars are just starting to break through, and he has never been an easy teether; he was quite a bear when his six year molars came in.

So we'll take the weekend to regroup and I'll see what I can bring them on Monday.


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