Buy Nothing Day

I try to observe Buy Nothing Day, I really do. I've done so since 1997 when it was first brought to the U.S. I plan for us to eat at home and spend time in nature, and mostly it works. Every now and then, however, Papa decides that shopping must be done. I've learned to go with it. Luckily this year nothing has grabbed his fancy.

I'd love to claim some higher ideal in not going shopping on Black Friday, but really, I'm lazy. There is no way that I'd wake up before dawn or wait in line to get into a store, just to buy something. I don't want to save money that badly. There is nothing that I need or want so much that I'd suffer the cold or a lack of sleep.

And really, I like to make gifts. They don't always go over as well as I'd like, but neither do store bought gifts. So the list of what I need to buy for the holidays each year is rather short.

My boys? There is nothing they need to buy either and luckily for my they don't like crowds either. They don't even really like shopping. However, if they have cash and if the comic book store is offering a store wide discount for Black Friday there isn't anything I can will do to stop them from buying something. I am the keeper of my own conscience only.

So today I am reading, walking, knitting, eating, and relaxing. On the best Buy Nothing Day my car never leaves the driveway, and that is exactly how I like it.


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