Mineralogy Day 4

Today we learned about glass, and the boys were surprised to find that glass has far more applications than even semiconductors and integrated circuit chips. They realized that almost everyone in the world probably uses glass in some form or another. Drinking glasses, window glass, cell phone glass, TV glass, computer glass, windshield glass, fiber optics, bottles and jars, eyeglasses, street lamps, signal lenses, etc. Of course we talked about Pyrex just a little bit, as it is one of my favorite kinds of glass.

We watched a couple of YouTube videos showing glass being made and they also watched a little segment on how eyeglasses are made. It's very un-Waldorf (we were instructed to look up glass making in the encyclopedia), but we don't have a glass factory nearby and seeing glass being made was much more informational than just reading about it.

We, as usual, did a Fast Fact sheet (J-Baby is getting faster!), Daily Grammar (subordinate conjunctions), and Life of Fred. The boys are making huge dents in Inheritance; they may finish before I get started. This afternoon we have PE.


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