Grade 4, Lesson 6, Day 2 ~ Our Search For Delicious

J-Baby and T-guy both read well and rather prolifically, so I always plan to finish the assigned reader a week before the project is to be completed. We actually finished The Search For Delicious last Wednesday or Thursday (how sad that I can't remember).

Today we did our language arts main lesson, which was to review question marks and exclamation points and to begin our project. We have big plans for tomorrow, but I thought it would be fun to do something today, so after all of our lessons were finished we headed out on our own search for delicious, aka we went to In 'N Out for lunch. By total happenstance we arrived at the restaurant and saw that Papa was there with his friend; they had given blood and were grabbing a burger before they headed back to work. That was a nice little surprise!

Workboxes today were journalling, math practice, free reading, writing sentences, our LA main lesson, and Draw Write Now. I am happy to report that the boys are now writing 3 - 4 sentences without complaining that the assignment is too long or that their hands hurt.

One other part of the LA lesson this week was to reflect on how the lessons are going so far this year. We did this orally rather than making it a written assignment. T-Guy surprised me by saying that he is really enjoying math, but I wasn't surprised that spelling was the subject he didn't enjoy. J-Baby doesn't like any of his main lessons; he likes music, art, and journalling but said he'd rather go back to unschooling. At least that is what he says when asked ~ his actions and behavior suggest otherwise. I know that he is nourished by having a strong rhythm ~ he is a happier child by far. The truth is that J-Baby should never be asked to reflect; he is consistently contrary for no good reason.

Oh, if you're going to argue that In 'N Out Burger isn't delicious, save your breath. In 'N Out is the only fast food burger I will eat. Period. If you don't have In 'N Out you don't know what you are missing and should just cry now. Seriously.


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