Grade 4, Lesson 4, Day 3 ~ Smooth Sailing

What a difference a day makes! J-Baby is still not feeling well, but he was well enough to participate in his lessons this morning without feeling tired and overwhelmed. The boys breezed through journals and math practice. They created a very long silly sentence and wrote it in their ML books using colored pencils to identify nouns, verbs, and adjectives (they forgot to use any adverbs, but that's okay).

T-Guy read his pages in The Search For Delicious; J-Baby was reading his slowly so we took turns reading the last 10 pages out loud. It is so nice to snuggle with a child and read! J-Baby reads out loud very well and adds a lot of inflection, so it is pleasant to listen to him read.

I went over the art and science assignments with them, sketching out examples and asking a few questions. While reading the science lesson to them I remembered that I bought a poster set about the scientific method ~ I need to find it and put a few poster up. And while the jeweler's loupes are good for some observation I think the boys could use large magnifying glasses as well.

We hit our first difficult chord in guitar, the D7. Our program uses simplified chords so this is the first chord the boys have played that requires more than one finger on the fretboard. This chord will definitely benefit from a sleep cycle so we won't practice it tomorrow.


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