Grade 4, Lesson 5, Day 1 ~ More Math Review

As I wrote before, I hate don't love review. But it is teaching me patience. Today is our main math lesson and this week we are reviewing multiplication tables, simple division, addition with carrying, subtraction with borrowing, place value, telling time, and even/odd. The boys actually have those last three down and they are getting impatient with place value review (grade 2 was all about place value). Telling time on an analog clock is actually still fun.

We introduced the radical division sign. How can I be 40 and not have ever used this term for it? It's the sign that looks like an L turned 90 degrees clockwise. I think we just called it the long division sign. Anyway, we spent some time on it and the boys understood rather well. I refrained from using words such as quotient, dividend, and divisor as the OM math book didn't say to teach them yet, although I peeked ahead and next week we'll be introducing problems with simple remainders.

Everything else went smoothly this morning. There was no stalling and no stubbornness, although there was some measure of helplessness when it came to their math practice work. I finally had to remind them that they need to use help cards if they have questions and they started figuring things out on their own.

This afternoon the boys watched episode 1 of The American Experience: We Shall Remain. Papa told me that their current readings in A History of US are dovetailing nicely with what we watched before, so I had the boys watch it again.

I was thinking we might start our Native American vest craft today, but it is already late afternoon so we'll wait until Wednesday. We bought the craft some time ago ~ I hope the vests still fit!


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