Grade 4, Lesson 3, Day 4 ~ Finally Friday

It's amazing how long a short week can feel. I am so ready for the weekend.

We played post office this morning. All week the boys have been making post cards as their project for Stuart Little. The drew pictures on one side of a 4X6 piece of card stock and wrote a short note on the other side. To prepare for this I cut the cards, made a vertical line on one side dividing the card into a 2/3 side and a 1/3 side, and wrote "To: The Little Family, From: Stuart" and also "Post Card" in the smaller area.

This project went over better with T-Guy than with J-Baby; J-Baby hates being given rules and the point of the project was for him to come up with several things that Stuart did or saw. He said the Little family already knew what Stuart had done and the project was pointless. That's J-Baby, but he did the work and today he is being reward with rubber stamps.

When I chose the post card project I knew that we would "stamp" and "mail" them using my old collection of postage rubber stamps; I wanted to do something fun that would make the post cards seem more real. Each boy put a "stamp" on his cards and put them in an "outgoing" box on his brother's shelf. They then added postmarks and cancellation to those cards and delivered them to a different box. They had a blast!

We taped the post cards into the boys' main lesson books in a way that allows them to be flipped up to see the other side. The boys wrote the title Stuart Little Project and are decorating the pages with background color and small drawings. I know they are going to be very proud to show their books to Papa and Abuela.

The boys had completed all of the lesson 3 worksheets in the Oak Meadow math book so I pulled down our Miquon Math Lab workbooks and tore out a whole section on telling time and put those in the workboxes for them. I can see that having the Miquon is going to be good for practice and review and I am glad I didn't sell it. The Lab Sheet Annotations has a handy chart that shows me which pages in each workbook address various skills.

We did our science main lesson today; language arts took a lot of time this week! The boys have been observing again and they drew pictures of natural objects they found. We also used the computer to look at things that we just can't find where we live, such as a geodesic dome. Oh, and my friend gave us some natural honeycomb from a wild hive so we got to look at the hexagonal pattern.


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