Grade 4, Lesson 4, Day 5 ~ Fruits of Our Labor

I can honestly say that a full 4 weeks into this homeschool year we are reaping the benefits of a return to rhythm and structured lessons. The boys rarely complain of boredom anymore; it isn't a case of their time being filled so much as their brains being challenged enough to be satisfied. We all feel the satisfaction that comes with accomplishment.

I don't think it would be going nearly as well without the workboxes. When I first read about the idea I pretty much dismissed it as being too fussy and too structured for us ~ I was wrong! Seeing it in action at a friend's house piqued my interest. I love that J-Baby understands them and isn't overwhelmed or frustrated by his work any longer. He is the kind of child who will shut down if he doesn't see the end of something. Now he knows exactly what to do and can gauge his progress.

We're having nearly as good a time as when the boys were in grade 1 and we used Christopherus and Enki. That was a magical year and I don't know that it could ever be repeated, but this year is smooth and interesting and fun. It's also a lot less work for me than Enki was, so I am more relaxed. I am enjoying homeschooling my children again, and they are enjoying being homeschooled. We're all happier.

It is also fun to talk to friends who are using OM4; we may not be working together but we are doing some of the same things.

4 down, 32 to go (with a few weeks off) and it no longer seems insurmountable. The rhythm feels good ~ nourishing and satisfying. That is what I want from our homeschooling.


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