No Enki Consult...

Beth didn't respond to my confirmation email last night, and didn't answer this afternoon when I called for my consult. I hope everything is okay. She is in the Northeast where there have been heavy rains and flooding.

Our potluck was nice, with 6 families in attendance. We're a small group, but I really prefer it this way. It's warming up and within a month I think we'll have to switch to an earlier meeting time for the summer. We also discussed some alternative sites for when it gets really hot.

After our failed attempt at Campfire, we brought up the idea of starting a Roots & Shoots group. We would make it part of park day and only do it once a month, with a few of us taking turns planning the activities.

Still no Enki materials, but what can you expect from the USPS and Media Mail? Our package from Paper Scissors Stone did arrive, with Lyra Super Ferby pencils, Stockmar wax, new paint brushes, and a big chalkboard (18" X 24") for me to use. I took advantage of the 10% off special last week to buy all the pencils we should need for at least 2 years (12 red, 12 blue, 6 green, 6 yellow), plus 45 wax pieces.

Next week we need to get back into our rhythm; we've wavered a bit this week. I need to start adding in more pieces on a regular basis, like watercolor painting and modelling (we used to paint every week). I have a word family story to get us started next week, and hopefully can make the Conso-Nant board this weekend.

Oh yeah, the refigerator isn't working right. The freezer is at 0 degrees, but the fridge is between 55 and 60 degrees, and things are spoiling. I don't know what to do about buying food, and eating out until it is fixed would be expensive! Even foods like citrus need to be in the fridge this time of year. I hate to think of all of the food I have to throw away. I'm tempted to have Papa pull out the pop-up trailer so I can use that fridge until this one is fixed. Heck, even an ice chest may be cooler.

I'll put tomorrows plans in another post.


Blissfulbee said…
Bummer on the consult! Maybe keep emailing and see if she gets it, I know their email is notoriously bad.
I started a Roots & Shoots group here in New Mexico last fall. We really love it. We have about seven active families and more who join us from time to time, but it is a terrific organization and fits in with our lifestyle really nicely.
APKimberMama said…
You are so fast!

I've been looking at Roots and Shoots for over a year. Last spring we joined a Campfire group started by several of our homeschooling moms. It didn't really work out; the kids were really young and didn't take well to the structure. My youngest had a hard time with it; he has a lot of food allergies and sensory issues that manifest themselves both physically and behaviorally. He just never wanted to go to Campfire.

Beth confirmed the consult last week, so I don't know what happened.
maureen said…
what is roots and shoots?
I'd love to hear more about this!

I'd like to start Enki in the fall. Sounds like I need to order it now to be ready huh?
APKimberMama said…

It's not really scouting, but it is a way to get kids together to explore nature with some planned activities and to have them do service projects. Kari knows way more about it than I do.

Are you planning to order Enki K or Grade 1? Either way I would probably order as soon as you can so you can start soaking in the philosophy.

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