5/3/06 Daily Flow

I'll probably keep today's entry short, unless anything out of the ordinary requires observation.

Our morning routine went well. There is less fuss about dressing and brushing teeth, although I am still the one doing it. The removal of cold cereal as a breakfast food has gone fine, with hot cereal a perfectly acceptable substitute.

Boy #2 got fatigued during our drawing time. I don't know if he is truly tired, if his hands hurt, if he is bored, or if he just wants to move on to snack. I encouraged him to complete his drawing.

All in all, it was a pretty easy day. I made a point not to get into housecleaning projects. The lunch/quiet time routine went well. The afternoon was spent playing, with a bit of practice time thrown in. After dinner (I did slice into my fingernail - ouch!) we all went to BMX. We came home and got the boys to bed a little early as they were very tired.


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