5/4/06 Daily Flow

I was up early this morning (5:30), but I chose to climb back into bed an hour later and snuggle with Boy #1 for about 45 minutes. It was restorative for both of us, and he was more grounded today.

So we got a slightly late start, but the morning followed the usual rhythm. I had planned what food I needed for the park, so I just had to pack it and heat what needed heating. Papa put the bikes in the truck last night.

Thursday are park days - our homeschool support group. As always, we had a great time, and my friend and I stayed until 2:40! The boys were having fun and her little one was sleeping, so we sat and gabbed.

The boys were ready for quiet time when we got home, and actually continued it for an extra half an hour before heading outside to play.

I put on dinner, we ate, cleaned up, and then walked to the farmer's market and to do our weekly grocery shopping. It was a nice, cool evening.

Bedtime was a breeze - it's amazing how much a routine helps. That and getting to bed before they are overtired.

Time to dry the last load of laundry and take a bath. I already made my list for tomorrow.


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