Daily Plan 5/16/06

I slept in again! For a month I woke naturally between 6-6:30 and got up, now I am waking around 7:15 and our days are getting a late start, often shortening or eliminating our morning walk. I guess I need to set the alarm.

So far we:

Ate breakfast (oatmeal for Boy #1, cornmeal mush for the rest of us)
Cleaned up the breakfast dishes and kitchen, started the dishwasher
Got dressed
Brushed teeth
Made beds
Cleaned both bathrooms (mirrors, counters, sinks, toilets--inside and out)
Sorted clothes and started a load of laundry

Planned for today:

Nature Walk
Reading Fairy Tale Verses
Tangram play
Handwriting practice
Read to boys

Order GF flour online
Boil eggs
Dust and vacuum
Make lunch (and clean up)
Errands - health food store and thrift shops, maybe Target
Make dinner (and clean up)
Family bike ride
Bedtime routine

Plan tomorrow
Get started on allergy book


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