5/8/06 Daily Flow

I suppose the posts get shorter the more grounded in the rhythm we are.

I did get half an hour to myself this morning, which made a huge difference for me in how I greeted the day. I did a bit of computer work, did my sun salutation (I almost have it memorized) and got dressed before waking the boys.

After breakfast and our morning chores we walked Papa to work. It is a really nice way to start our week. Afterwards we walked past our old condo so the boys could see their first home (they of course don't remember it).

Boy #2 joined in for the second half of our movement exercises. He is still highly resistant to spinning, so I need to find a better way to make it a game. Once again I forgot to have us walk forms! So, no form drawing lesson this morning. We read our new story.

I did more computer work (I am writing out the rhythms and goals for each day, educational and household), then moved to housework (I've been following a modified Flylady routine). I folded and put away the two loads of laundry I washed and dried this morning.

We had lunch. Our Greathall order arrived while we were eating. Afterwards, we opened it and it was all wrong! Boohoo! I had to call and get that straightened out. Our painting jars also arrived, so we can finally paint wet-on-wet this week. I chose to order jars; it was actually less expensive than buying a lot of imported artichokes. We learned last year that baby food jar lids cannot be fully tightened.

The boys had quiet time with the one CD that was correct. I did a little work, then made a cup of tea and sat down with a book. I'm thinking I may make all quiet times a period of non-electric activity for me.

We cleaned up, had a snack, and then did our practice work. Instead of a project the boys asked if they could play with the pattern blocks. I said okay as we still have a craft, a project, and painting planned this week. I'll slip in the spool knitting at another time.

I finished making a quinoa salad for dinner, and prepped some potatoes and green beans. I read a bit, then ironed and hung the bathroom curtains. I got the table set and finished making dinner.

Tonight I was on clean up by myself, as the guys headed out for BMX. After finishing the kitchen I swept all of the wood floors (laundry room, kitchen, breakfast nook, dining room, living room, hall, and boys' room) and mopped them. It took 25 minutes. Next week I'll add the bathrooms and I still think I can keep it to 30 minutes. I've read that vacuuming is better than sweeping, but it seem so much more difficult. Besides, if we end up in a non-electric post peak oil world we'll need to do things the old-fashioned way.

The evening routine didn't go as well as it could have. The guys went to drop my laptop off for repair after BMX, which meant they got home later than usual, which meant that the boys were overtired. I stayed with them for an extra 10 minutes or so and they fell asleep quickly.

We spent the first hour they were asleep reading and working on a picture in Photoshop. The quiet in the house was nice. Papa decided to watch some TV so I headed back to update this blog, finish my "to do" list for tomorrow, and practice my sun salutation before bed.


Anonymous said…
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