I probably won't document daily flow this week. We're taking it easy, waiting for Enki materials so we can get started on word families next week. So we'll bake, play with wool, do our practice work, run some errands, do some crafts, read some books, etc.

(I just found out it's a good thing I didn't plan heavy schooling this week, as we are going to lose Wednesday as a schooling day. I'm so glad we homeschool!)

If you get the chance, take your children to a Renaissance Faire or festival! We had a blast yesterday, and now our castle blocks and various knights have been pressed into service, reenacting all the boys saw and did yesterday. It makes really glad that I bought the wooden castle sets from Woodland Fantasies when I did.

Speaking of all things castle and knights, we have several bendies from Dannielle at Natural Playthings and I just commissioned a few more surprises. I keep them put away (so they don't get lost or ruined) and take them out from time to time. Bendies are really small and are perfect to stash in your bag for long waits.

I tried to wrap a bendy once. I was really bad at it.

The boys are thriving with the return to rhythm. I'm hardly battling my 6YO at all. They especially love the entire bedtime routine.

We've been listening to 70s music lately, Heart last week and George Harrison and older Fleetwood Mac today. I feel much more connected to 70s music than 80s music, even though 80s music is the music of my adolescence. 80s is too "me decade" and very pop. Not that I don't like some of it, I just rarely choose to listen to it.

BMX was cancelled tonight. I guess we need to check the hotline, even on warm days, because it takes a gallon of gas to get there and back, and this has to be the 3rd time in 3 months that they've driven over only to find out it's cancelled. They're out on a bike ride instead.


kate said…
mmm - thanks for the reminder on bendies. I just got some felt craft books and I've been meaning to try some of those.
APKimberMama said…
You will love Danielle's work! I just received 4 bendies and 2 horses and they are perfect! It was so hard to put them away until the solstice.

Someday I will learn to make them. There is a great tutorial on www.amitymama.com

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