Still Working With This Injury

Well, I wanted to post today, but typing with this wrist brace is a tad difficult. I did get my pictures uploaded, so maybe tomorrow.

I actually don't know what is wrong with my wrist. A hairline fracture isn't evident but hasn't been ruled out. One doctor is leaning toward the idea that it is a fracture. The orthopedist thinks it more likely is some type of tendon or ligament injury as evidenced by a separation between the scaphoid and lunate bones in my right wrist. Either way, it hurts, and I am supposed to wear a brace for the next month. If it improves, great, if not, we move to an MRI.

In relation to homeschooling, my boys are going to be getting some serious cooking lessons. My favorite pots and pans are all heavy cast iron, and I'm not exactly wielding a chef's knife right now.

See, even my sauce pans are cast iron.  This vintage Descoware pot was my Grandfather's.

(BTW, I typed this without my brace.  Don't tell on me.)


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