Ancient Greece I Day 7

Another smooth, easy-peasy day.  Of course, it helps that the boys already know a lot about Pythagoras. I forgot that they covered him last year when they did The Story of Science.  Well, I filled them in a bit on the Pythagoreans and some of Pythagoras's views on the transmigration of souls and why he and his followers were vegetarian.  It was interesting to learn that Pythagoras allowed women to study and was considered one of the first to advocate equality for the sexes (within reason, I'm sure).  And while he wasn't explicitly against slavery he didn't condone hitting slaves.  He and his followers held themselves to a very high standard (believing this was how they could reach enlightenment and no longer reincarnate).

We did grammar (Conjunction-Junction, What's Your Function?), a MMM speed sheet, and the main lesson.  Spelling was out as there was something odd going on with the computer.  (Note: We learned about conjunctions using Daily Grammar. My reference to Schoolhouse Rock while writing the blog post reminded me of the video and we watched it then.  No, I don't use TV to teach grammar.)

No photo today, but you might enjoy this.  We certainly did!


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