Ancient Greece I Day 12

We sang, we did grammar, we did math.

Math, math, math. I am realizing now how much we need to focus on math; it feels even more important than our main lesson material. We did a speed sheet and a Life of Fred lesson. I am seeing that J-Baby learns math concepts more rapidly than T-Guy and retains steps more easily, however T-Guy is faster with math facts and very good at memorizing them. I'm wondering if how we did math in the past was not the best way for T-guy; he loved the stories but he seems to be doing much better with me doing work on the big white board. He's more visual, whereas J-Baby is more auditory.

Our main lesson was about Athens and Sparta, and do my boys ever have a favorite. They detest the Spartans. But still we compared laws and culture and came away with a good discussion of the two societies.


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