Ancient Greece I Day 13

We had an interesting morning - no singing, no grammar, no math.

I had assigned some reading to the boys yesterday, which they completed, and added one more section to read this morning. I had also told the boys what we would be doing for our main lesson this morning. Well, J-Baby did his reading and started in on his writing assignment right away. I decided not to interrupt his work and set T-Guy to his writing as well. These were rough drafts; we'll clean them up and rewrite them tomorrow afternoon.

I thought we'd get to our other subjects after the writing, however, our house was being pressure washed in preparation for exterior painting. We could hardly think with the noise! Then we found water had splashed in around several windows (after seeing it come in around the door and startle the big dog) so we had to grab towels and clean up the wet and at times muddy mess.

We did have PE, and the boys are going to do some more work this evening so that they can skip tomorrow's main lesson and share a project with a friend.


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