Grade 4, Week 12, Day 2 ~ Weight and Mass

I made the effort last night to organize the boys' practice work and to clean off our learning table. The family/living room is slowly coming back into order, but I am in no rush as I want to declutter, simplify, and organize as I go.

We're measuring weight this week. More accurately, we're measuring mass, a distinction that Papa wants me to point out. Unlike the other measurement work we've done the boys aren't familiar with much more than pounds as a unit of measurement. Since we've yet to explore very much in terms of the metric system we will only be reviewing pounds, ounces, and tons (specifically the short ton).

Continuing Practice: Addition with Regrouping
Free Reading
Concepts Awakened: Verb Tenses
Main Lesson: Measurement
Afternoon Lesson: Gardening
Other Subjects: Social Studies (A History of US), P.E. (mountain biking), and Science (Nova on PBS)


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