Grade 4, Week 12, Day 1 ~ Mellow Monday

We had a mostly unschooling day today, managing to fit in social studies, guitar practice, free reading, and drawing. Saturday morning I started tearing apart the family/learning room and it is still fairly messy. I hadn't filled the boys binders (Binders? More on those later!) or planned the main lesson work.

It is amazing how relaxed I feel about our home learning now, despite the fact that we have returned to rhythm and focused lessons. I'm not worried about anything; I trust that the boys will learn what they want and need to know when it is best for them. I bring them lessons and concepts but like the proverbial horse and its water, I can't make them learn, so I'm not actually trying. I know that seeds are being planted and that our home life is one that will nurture those seeds well.

The decluttering and simplification of the family/learning room will have long-reaching positive benefits and I believe it is worth the loss of a focused day here and there.


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