Grade 4, Week 10, Day 2 ~ Linear Measurement

Once again I am finding it very easy to bring the vocabulary of a subject to the boys when they have already been solidly grounded in the concepts. In this case, it is the basics of linear measurement. In grade 4 we are learning about inches, feet, and yards; to my surprise (and delight) the boys already know how many inches are in a foot, and how many feet are in a yard. Knowing these, they could easily tell me how many inches are in half a foot, or a foot and a half, as well as how many inches are in a yard.

I didn't have a container story for our main lesson today; A Little Garden Flower suggests basing the linear measurement lesson on the building of Noah's ark, which didn't appeal to me. Instead, I decided to relate the linear measurement to our garden plots. I had the boys measure the garden boxes and then make drawings using a scale of 1:12. There was room for creativity as they designed boxes the way they might want them to be and drew in their plantings.

Main Lesson: Measurement
Afternoon Lesson: Gardening
Physical Education: Wii Fit Plus
Continuing Practice: Subtraction with Regrouping
Concepts Awakened: Adjectives
Other Subjects: Reading and Social Studies (A History of US)


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