Weekly Flow 7/10 to 7/14

I thought it would be best to write about our lessons this week in terms of what we did over the course of the week. This is just the academic/focused portion of the week and doesn't include baking, singing, reading, etc.

Monday morning: We reawakened word families by reading some of the poems and working with the town board manipulative. We also got out our sight word rings and figured out which words the boys already knew. Finally, we read Three Billy Goats Gruff.

Monday afternoon: We did handwriting practice and worked with pattern blocks.

Tuesday morning: We worked with word families again, using the board and the Word Family Flip Books we bought at Lakeshore Learning. We practiced sight words and each boy added a few new words. Usually we would add only one word per day, but these are those really easy words like "on" and "at" that most children are beginning to recognize fairly easily.

Then we moved on to recalling and summarizing Three Billy Goats Gruff. Summarizing in a formal manner is a new skill for the boys, and I did most of it. Next, we drew pictures in our main lesson books. We use big 14" X 17" drawing pads (70 lb.) from Strathmore, available from Dick Blick. At this point I still lead the drawings for the most part, but each boy will choose to make his river, bridge, goat, etc. different. We finished up by reading The Three Bills Goats Gruff (an out-of-print edition illustrated by Tim Arnold) which J-Baby had checked out from the library. I prefer that a story be heard for a period of time before being presented in picture book form, but the boys have this story on the Jim Weiss Animal Tales CD, so they were quite familiar with it already.

Tuesday afternoon: Handwriting practice and work with Cuisenaire rods. The boys did the first couple of Cuisenaire worksheets from the Enki Grade One Math blackline masters, then played with them freeform.

Wednesday morning: More word family and sight word practice. Then we went over the summary again and each boy wrote two sentences in his MLB. Don't be fooled; this is a lot of work, especially for J-Baby, who is only 6!

Wednesday afternoon: Handwriting practice and tangrams.

Thursday: This is our non-academic day. In the aftenoon I read a nature story to the boys from Enki Nature Stories: Kindergarten, and we went on a short walk in 103 degree heat to look for "golden round faces."

Friday morning: Word Family and sight word practice. Recall and draw nature story.

Friday afternoon: (planned) handwriting practice and math games (probably something simple like Hi Ho! Cherry-O or Trouble). Hopefully we'll make it back to Lakeshore soon to buy a math bingo game, as the boys love bingo!

Each evening we practiced sight words and word families with Papa. This is really important to reinforce rote memorization. T-Guy also tackled a few BOB books, and we played Sight Word Bingo.


Blissfulbee said…
Looks like you guys had a really productive and fun week! Go Kimberly!!!!

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