Daily Flow 7/17

Yesterday we decided to beat the heat by driving to the coast. Our original plan had been to spend the weekend in Big Bear, but even if Big Bear wasn't as risk from the Sawtooth Complex/Millard fire, we figured the air quality had to be pretty poor.

The morning was complicated by the sudden onslaught of a bladder infection - by me. We had to stop at least 4 times on the way to Doheny, including once at a drug store so I could buy some over the counter medication. I don't actually know if it is a bacterial infection or something else (like gluten overload), but this is the 4th time in 10 months after going 7 years without an infection. I frequently have bladder spasms, but this is worse, and the most likely explanation is infection. Right now I am taking a probiotic, grape seed extract, cranberry, and a kidney specific herbal formula, plus that awful med that makes you pee orange (but helped me make it through the day yesterday). Oh yeah, I'm taking cantharis as well. Depending how this morning goes I'll have my OB order a culture, or I'll just go to urgent care after Papa gets off work. One problem I have is that I rarely register an infection on a strip test, but will at the lab.

Still, we managed to spend some time on the sand, to eat a picnic lunch on the grass, to ride our bikes, and to poke around the used bookstore in San Clemente. It was nice to be at the beach, and even if it was a very hot day for the beach it was still 20 degrees cooler than it was at home. I'm a bit of a homebody and would have been content to stayed hole up in the house (with the thermostat set to 80 degrees), reading, playing boards games, listening to music, etc. But Papa and the boys had a real need to get out (especially Papa!) and I always enjoy being in nature.

Today my goals are very clear:

Rest! Drink lots of water. Eat whole foods only with no added sugar, no soy, no casein, no gluten, no chocolate, and nothing I am allergic too. Take a bath with essential oils of hyssop, rosemary, and thyme. Make a massage oil for over the bladder with essential oils of basil, lavender, and pine. Continue to take alternative meds. Monitor situation closely to determine if allopathic intervention will be required in order to sleep tonight.

Homeschool! Mondays are a light day, and today will be even lighter. Do about 10 minutes stretching/yoga together (If I can do that without needing a bathroom break). Practice word families and sight words. Read Stone Soup. After quiet time we'll do handwriting practice and pattern block work. Finally, we'll listen to the This is the Way We Wash-a-Day CD.

Anything else that gets done is extra, but will be good. The house is out of order after the weekend, especially since we spent most of yesterday gone. I'll do what I can, but my homekeeping priorities have to be laundry and making meals.


Blissfulbee said…
Ugh! I used to get bladder infections a lot when I was little. They are such a bummer. Do you think you may be having some yeast issues?

Our Monday was very lame, just trying to put our house back together after removing walls all weekend. What a mess!!!!
APKimberMama said…
I don't know; my SMIL has been getting fungal bladder infections recently. Her immune system is disrupted by a medication she takes for rheumatoid arthritis.

I'll get tested today for bacteria and if that is negative I'll pursue the yeast connection.

I didn't have an infection for 7 years, and now I've had 4 in 9 months. I always have bladder irritation, so yeast and/or allergies could be part of that

My Monday was lame too.

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