Daily Plan 7/24/06

Homeschooling: Read new story (thankfully I did this before my optometrist appointment), practice sight words, handwriting practice, pattern blocks. They weren't interested in pattern blocks today. So much of their building play involves mathematics that I just don't sweat it.

Household: Wash, hang, and put away darks. Tidy kitchen and front rooms (Papa did the front rooms over the weekend so I am just keeping them up). Organize pantry. Update #1: So far, so good. I've been waiting for the shadows to cover the side yard before I bring in the laundry. Update #2: All tasks completed, and I washed and hung some small towels and a blanket. I also spent 20 minutes helping the boys get their room "ship-shape".

Health: Optometrist, continue medication. Done.

Financial: Update Quicken, sort through paperwork, pay non-automated bills (annual insurance, etc.), file papers, revise budget. None of this is going to happen until tomorrow.

Dinner: pinto beans, corn tortillas, cabbage salad (Native Chi's Sauce, salsa, and olives as condiments). Done, and delicious. We eat this twice a week and the boys and Papa never complain.

Miscellaneous: schedule vet appointmenet for Missy. Darn, I forgot and then missed them by 5 minutes. Tomorrow...

Self: read, read, read. Can't do this today, maybe tonight.

Revised due to dilated pupils.


Blissfulbee said…
you guys are really moving through your lessons! Terrific! I hope your feeling better!!!!
APKimberMama said…
Thanks. I have to revise everything...I had my pupils dilated by the optometrist and am not supposed to read or be in bright light until they are back to normal (~ 4 hours). I popped the dark lenses he gave me under my glasses so I could have a few minutes of computer time, but it is really a strain on the eyes. What the heck is a person supposed to do all day if she can't read? Not paperwork, filing, Quicken, etc.

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