More Keva

By request, here are several more shots of Keva structures done by the boys:
 A basic tower in a very messy bedroom.  I'm so glad we decluttered again!
Baseball stadium, which they had room to build because we got rid of so much junk in the bedroom.
 An earlier baseball stadium (2009).
 A locomotive (2007).
 Their earliest towers (2007).
 A Major Battlement (2008).
 Side View of Battlement (2008).
 Aerial Shot of Battlement (2008).
 Castle Towers and Entrance Gate (2008).
 Tall Tower (2008).
Other Buildings (2010)


Sarah said…
I wish we lived near each other. Our kids would have so much fun together!
Lacey said…
we have these blocks and adore them! ALL the kids love them--even our crawler who uses them for chewing...
Carrie said…
I know this is an older post, but I'm so inspired and amazed by your boys' creativity and focus! These blocks were on our holiday list, but got bumped. Perhaps I'll look at them soon.....and I can totally see my man and I playing with them in the evenings!

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