Fun With Keva

I take photos of KEVA structures on a regular basis, but most of them stay on my phone until there isn't room or the boys say they can be deleted, as often we are just taking a photo to show Papa. However, since Shelley of Along the Crooked Path posted some KEVA photos I thought I'd look on my computer and see what I could find.
 This is a fairly recent structure as T-Guy is in his own (somewhat messy) bedroom. His face is so much leaner here than in the final photo; it isn't weight loss since he is perpetually skinny. It's just part of the process of becoming a young man.
 This is a coliseum of sorts, with a Lego Mini Figure battle taking place. I believe that is a homebuilt Lego dragon up top.
This is a tower that the homeschool group kids built; they were going for height. The photos was taken almost exactly one year ago, and wow, all three of these boys have grown since then. T-Guy is so much taller and is face is far more angular now.

Thanks for the inspiration, Shelley!


:) Thanks for posting these! J and Zoo Boy loved seeing them, but when we got to the last one and I said "that's all", J said "Ah, shoot!" So I promised them that I would ask you to post more. :)
I found two more photos on my phone and will post those ... and maybe there are some on the desktop.

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