Weekly Recap

I won't lie and say that this week has been a breeze.  My boys are typical children who seek rhythm only to naturally chafe against it.

Thursday morning was particularly rough, and I have to wonder what exactly caused it.  I got up and made breakfast.  T-Guy was up already as the Puppy Girl (she's nearly 2 now, but she is still the Puppy Girl) consistently wakes by 7:15 and he cares for her in the morning.  J-Baby was sleeping at 8:30 and that may be a clue.  Either he slept in because he is coming down with something, it's allergy season, or because he slept poorly the night before.  As a child who had difficulty sleeping myself I can relate.  He was just grumpy, and kept glaring at his scrambled eggs even though Wednesday he told me that two pieces of toast was a small breakfast and that he needed more.

He was off track all morning and wasn't motivated to do his chores.  His grumpiness spilled over to T-Guy, who felt that J-Baby wasn't doing his fair share of tidying their bedroom.  So then I had too grumpy boys and a mama who was starting to feel grumpy herself.

We pulled it together and saved the day, but J-Baby was still off all afternoon.

One thing that I think homeschooling illuminates is the very humanness of our children and ourselves.  We all have days when we feel slow, or sensitive, or restless, and so do our children.  Homeschooling gives us the freedom to adjust; to have a lazy morning when someone wakes up on the wrong side of the bed or to go on a morning adventure walk when the children are buzzing with energy.  We don't have to fit into a mold, to accomplish that day's activities no matter what.


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