Perfect Attendance

J-Baby and I were sitting waiting for a children's concert to begin (put on by the local symphony orchestra) and the girl next to me asked J-Baby where he goes to school.  He can never remember the official name of our school (because it simply isn't important) so he told her her was homeschooled.  She said she had perfect attendance this year and he said he did too, because there is "no way to be absent from home".  She gave him a funny look so I just said that there is always something to be learned and he felt validated.

Today T-Guy is feeling under the weather.  I could mark it as an absence because we aren't doing focused lesson work, but that doesn't mean that learning isn't happening.  The boys read The Last Quest of Gilgamesh and started on Gilgamesh the Hero.  J-Baby finished Space Cadet by Robert Heinlein, telling Mike this morning that he was almost finished with it and wished he wasn't.  T-Guy started re-reading the Lloyd Alexander Chronicles of Prydain series, beginning with The Book of Three.  A vintage Dataman calculator game I had ordered online arrived and J-Baby explored its math games.  They watched an episode of Cyberchase.  We're only in the afternoon now; I am sure more learning will happen later today.

The house is strewn with books (literally).  There are the aforementioned novels, a mantel covered in books about Gilgamesh and Mespotamia, math concept books, books about pronouns, and the handful of Scholastic books that Abuela gave J-Baby for his birthday.

The piano has been tinkered with, pictures have been drawn, Lincoln Log homes designed, and Keva Plank towers constructed.  We talked about strangers and acquaintances and who you can accept a ride home from if you are walking, including discussing the fine line between trust and caution.

So yes, they have perfect attendance ~ I love that they have no desire to be absent from life!


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