Is it Friday Again?

Wow, the week went by quickly and I didn't even think about posting.  I wonder how that happened?

Let's see; J-Baby celebrated his eleventh trip around the sun, we had baseball Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday, we had PE class, we went to the library and natural foods market, Abuela visited, and oh yeah, there were all the other normal weekly things we do at home.

Focused lessons are humming along, and the boys are loving them.  I find myself wishing that I had either 1) a Waldorf resource for teaching Gilgamesh and Ancient Mesopotamia, or 2) researched this months ago and had art projects, verses, food, etc. planned out.  I'm kind of kicking myself for having sold our copy of Live Education Grade 5.  My biggest hurdle is that the boys are already very well acquainted with the Gilgamesh myth, something I didn't realize.

This has shortened our morning lesson time, but it is working out just fine.  The short mornings are just what the boys need to feel that they've done something without feeling that they've done nothing but lesson work.

Math is becoming one of T-Guy's favorite subjects, something I didn't expect.  My boys have been determined to sort themselves into categories even if a school wasn't doing it for them.  It's as if they made an agreement; J-Baby would take math and science and T-Guy would take literature and history.  But lately J-baby's been reading science fiction (the Heinlein juveniles) and T-Guy has been digging into math and I am doing a super secret happy dance.


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