Grade 5/6, Fall Term, Week 2, Day 3

Academics: Assigned Reading, Literature, Math, Grammar, Spelling, Writing, US History, Free Reading

So far Spelling City seems like the best spelling program ever invented.  Daily my boys are jumping up and down excited to get their spelling time on the computer.  This is the first year we have ever not fought over "spelling", since early Waldorf-style "spelling" didn't require any testing.

The real test, of course, will be whether or not their spelling actually improves.  Right now they are breezing through easy Dolch word lists, but that is the only way I can evaluate where they are in their spelling, and eventually we will get to harder words.  I did sign up for the premium version so that I can see how they are doing.

I don't feel too badly that they are doing their spelling on the computer; a friend told me that her 3rd grader also types in spelling words during testing, and that their local school doesn't focus on penmanship at all.  It's a school with good funding, I surmise, as my MIL's school doesn't have these devices.  I still haven't found out exactly what they are called; they have no monitors only a small display that shows the words typed.  This Calcuscribe might be it, or maybe the Neo2 from AlphaSmart.


Have a question for you... do you still do Live Education? I quit and started Oak Meadow instead, and although it isn't near as 'Waldorf' as Live Ed, I am enjoying it much more so far because it is easier to follow. I just wanted to see if you stuck with it and how you were doing. I hope you are having a wonderful day!


Oh, my kiddos do their Math on the computer and I love it. Honestly. I use Teaching Textbooks for math and it is really wonderful! For typing they are also on the computer... but everything else they are with me. Sigh... for everything there is a season, right?

We're not using Live Ed this year. I kind of miss it, but a lot of grade 5 was stuff we had already done plus I really wanted to use Life of Fred math (and it is an absolute hit with the boys). Jake wanted stronger science this year as well.

I do use block teaching for literature and other humanities learning, just not math and science. So each month we have a literature block that is approached using Waldorf/Enki methods. And I try to have a very simplified, Waldorf home life with a strong focus on daily/weekly/monthly rhythms and a strong connection to the seasons. And now we are finally moving into our best outdoor months and can reclaim the outdoors.

LOL, I guess I should really be blogging ....

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