Uh oh!  When I joined The Pyrex Collective this week I had no idea that this blog was going to be linked to.  After all, I have lots of other blogs, LOL.  Anyway, today I was visiting all of the linked blogs and I saw one called Warm Bellies and I thought to myself, that's sounds awfully similar to one of my blogs and lo and behold, the link brought me here.  And now I feel like the person whose mother-in-law stopped by without calling first because I sure as heck wasn't expecting company!

So the blog is rather boring right now ~ the template, the colors, the dearth of pictures.  I can only promise to clean it up soon and be ready to go closer to the end of September.  Oh, I'll post before that because I love to blog (and I love when bloggers update daily), but I am terrible at getting photographs posted.  Really good photographs require dragging out a very large camera and then transferring the photos using a CF card reader.  It's too much trouble, really.  Someone should make a fantastic digital point-and-shoot with a pop out USB connector like the Flip video camera has ~ nothing to carry or lose.

That photo up there?  It's an iphone photo of my first piece of colored Pyrex.  At least, I think it was my first piece, or at least the first piece I purchased for myself.  I'm pretty sure I let a Spring Blossom Green loaf pan leave my home many years ago just because I didn't really know what I had, or I didn't care because I wasn't interested in colored Pyrex at the time.

I chose Daisy for my first piece because I happened upon it at Goodwill and it was yellow.  It is as simple as that.  This piece was my lone piece of colored Pyrex for at least a year, and then her big sister the 2.5 quart covered casserole joined her, and then I got caught up in collecting Pyrex refrigerator dishes (known as fridgies), but that is another story.


anniescupboards said…
and here I am because of that link. I Adore PYREX! ps. everything looks fab!!
You are too kind! I quickly figured out how to change my background but then I went on vacation. I have chosen my new camera and am now waiting for it to be released, and then hopefully the photos will get better than the phone pictures I am posting.

Off to check out your blog ...

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