Glass Confession #1 ~ I Like the Clear Stuff

I love pretty much all Pyrex.  Yes, that means I collect clear as well as colored/patterned Pyrex.  I found these two custard cups (425 and 426) this morning for 15¢ at a rummage sale.  I had to scrub a tiny bit of mauve paint off the smaller of the two, using a toothpick and Pampered Chef plastic scraper, but now they are clean are ready to add to the cupboard.

In August I came upon a mother load of clear Pyrex pieces at my favorite thrift; all were vintage and ranged from pie plates to covered casseroles to utility dishes.  It was a 50% off day as well!  Someday I will start photographing those pieces and post them to the blog.  There are all in the pantry waiting to be used; I do use just about all of my Pyrex (at least all that I can get to, as I have more than I need, of course).

Completely unrelated to glass, I collect vintage hand-embroidered linens.  These lovely birds and flowers were found at the Assistance League thrift shop here in town, which is where I have found most of my pieces.  My collection is still very small and I have decided not to troll online auction sites for more; I like to think I am rescuing these pieces from obscurity and giving them a good home.  As a person who does handwork I know the amount of work that goes into such pieces and I absolutely hate it when I see them at thrift stores, cast away by those who don't know their value (sentimental, not monetary).


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