The Long Weekend

We went away last weekend; camping for 3 nights at Doheny State Beach. Sunday was our wedding anniversary, and we've made it a time to travel. We don't travel every year, but we did for our 1st anniversary, our 3rd, 4th and 5th, anniversaries, a few more here and there, and every anniversary from the 15th on. The only difference between the early years and now is that we have boys to bring along with us.

We had a wonderful time. Friday we set up, did our grocery shopping, made dinner, got the boys to bed, and then we played games (Rummikub and Mancala). Saturday we spent most of the day at the beach, went for a bike ride, made a great dinner, and had a campfire. Sunday we went to the farmer's market in San Clemente, and to the used bookstore. We made lunch, and then set off on a biking adventure. We set off on the bike trail, stopped at a fantastic park to play (why the heck doesn't Redlands have parks like this?), and then rode to my IL's new trailer. We toured the park, then rode into downtown San Juan Capistrano, locked the bikes, and walked around. Then we had to ride back to Doheny from downtown SJC; it was close to 5 miles but was enjoyable.

When the ILs realized it was our anniversary they offered to take the boys to Wahoo's while we went out to dinner. T knows really well what J-Baby can have, so I felt good about it. We went to an Italian place in SJC, sitting outside on the patio on what was a perfect evening, weather-wise. Then, in an odd coincidence, as we got ready to pay our bill Papa realized that people sitting at the next table were the people who bought our Prius last May! We chatted for a few minutes, and when we got to the parking lot they had parked right next to us. Weird!

After we got the boys to bed we sat up on the picnic table and watched the moon set. It was lovely. We talked so much over the weekend; probably far too much about the boys and the ILs, but still, it was nice.

I realized when I came home that I hadn't thought about Enki at all. What a nice break! My grade 2 book arrived (sent via media mail 8/21) while we were gone, and while I knew it was on its way I didn't even think about it coming.

I have a basic plan; this week we get the house back in shape, the laundry caught up, etc. Then we spend 3 weeks finishing out the math block, and we keep up reading practice. That will end grade 1. We have a week of vacation planned, which I intend to be as peaceful and relaxing as this past weekend was. Then I'll plan grade 2. Over the fall we'll add back in the pieces of our rhythm that have fallen by the wayside, but only after doing the "vacation at home" study and reviewing essential energy.


Blissfulbee said…
Sounds like you guys had a great break from everything!!! That is so nice when you get to stop all the hoopla and just be together.

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