And The Walls Came Tumbling Down....

I am taking a break.

I want to write, I think writing it good for me, but I am ignoring so many other facets of teacher health that I need to go on hiatus.

I need time to read and time to sing and listen to music. I need sunlight, moderate exercise, healthy food, and good company. Unfortunately, I don't get that from the computer (although some of you are great to talk to, I think I could use some interaction with people I can actually see and hear). Tomorrow is park day, and that will be a good start, and then I think we'll plan a day trip to the beach this weekend.

There are only so many hours in the day. My reality is that my children take up a large chunk of those hours, but I also squander what I have left. I'm not setting a good example, which means everything else I am trying to teach them means nothing.

Peace to everyone...I'll probably end my exile next week if I have sufficiently recovered my spirits.


HeyJulieMama said…
I know this feeling. Enjoy your hiatus.

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