Us, Tonight

Well, the rain exploded with a mighty crash
as we fell into the sun
and the first one said to the second one there
I hope you're having fun

For a time this evening I held J-Baby in my arms with T-Guy snuggled against my side, while Papa played guitar. It was one of those moments, so ordinary for us and yet so extraordinary. No conflict between us, no rushing, no trying to be somewhere else or to do something else. No worrying about bedtime. Just us, being us.

This is the peace I seek. The 15 minutes where I'm not thinking about laundry or dishes or cleaning or lessons tomorrow. When I'm not focused on what I haven't done or what I've done wrong. When I am just in the moment, living it, enjoying it, not looking back or forward. My youngest child in my arms, my oldest child with his hand wrapped in the strands of hair at the nape of my neck, the sound of my man's voice, crickets, night air, twilight. The present, perfect, radiant, ripe.

May the feeling stay with me thoughout my dreams and into tomorrow.


Blissfulbee said…
Dont you love times when your so in the moment? What a lovely picture this makes. If my husband were to start singing or playing a guitar it would be much more of a comedy hour than a tranquil moment. LOL
APKimberMama said…
DH has played guitar since he was 10, and he has a great voice. Gosh, when we were first together (in high school) we'd go to the park and he play and sing for me.

Now that I won't stay in the living room if the TV is on, he plays a lot more often. He'll usually play guitar for an hour after the boys go to bed, then come back and practice the piano (something he took up a little over a year ago).

You'd think with all this music in the house I'd be on top of music for the boys, but it just doesn't happen. They are so silly with the recorder (okay, I think T-Guy is ready, but J-Baby goofs off and breaks the mood), and I just started ukulele and am not the best teacher. DH does work with them, but it is sporadic. That is something that will need to change over the next few months. Afterall, why should I teach music and Spanish when he is the musician and the one who speaks Spanish? I'm all for stretching myself and learning and growing along with the boys, but I think a lot can be gained from someone who actually knows what he is doing.
Blissfulbee said…
Oh yeah! I agree!! I played the drums when I was in my 20's but havent in years. I love teaching them about rhythm and having them just close their eyes and copy the rhythm that I am clapping with them, but spanish is not my native tongue and what I know is bits and pieces. Although my husband is Mexican, I know more than he does. LOL

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