Fitting Things In

Okay, now I have a question for those of you using Enki.

If you are doing a 4 or 5 day week, how do you fit in all of the stories, recall, and drawing? For instance, we are doing a 5 day week this block, so we are recalling a story and drawing a picture everyday during main lesson time, plus hearing a new story. How do I also make time for a nature story/recall/drawing during the week? J-Baby gets fatigued after one drawing (probably because he puts so much into them).

Also, now that I have the crafts books I'd like to use some of the painting and handwork stories, but again I'm not sure how to fit them in.

I hope someone has some ideas. If not, I'll probably puzzle over it for a bit and then let you know what ends up working for us.


Kerr said…
How many stories are you trying to cover in a week? I've found that my kids get burnt out if they aren't given enough time to let a story settle in. This seems especially true with my oldest, even though he's the child with "perfect recall" ability. Because he has such a strong aural memory he actually needs a bit more time "living" with a story before I ask for recall.
APKimberMama said…
For the first half of the Math Qualities blocks it is 5 stories a week, but then I see that it slows down. This is based on the outline from the math section of the old grade 1 guide.

I just can't see how you could do that kind of week and add in a nature story or a painting story. So we're not going to.

Thanks for your insight. My boys have excellent memories, but the 6YO doesn't want to be "put on the spot" during recall time. My 7YO is far more into it, which is perfectly normal.

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