Off the Horse....

We fell off the horse today; except, well, we never really got on it.

It took only a few moments, just a little distraction because we've been off the rhythm since last Thursday (Wednesday was good!). After breakfast I headed back to find our election ballots and started researching online. In that time the boys went into their room, shut the door, and started working on their "surprises" for Papa's birthday. I missed the moment - we should have dressed and done our morning chores before they got absorbed in their work (and to be fair, me in mine). The entire morning has passed and while we've been busy and productive, we didn't get our lesson done.

So now I need to salvage the day. These are our priorities:

Read story for "2" again (too much time has passed since I read it last week)
Make cards for Papa
Hang birthday banner
Buy cake slice for Papa (it's too darn hot to bake and we don't need that much cake)
Take down, fold, and put away laundry
Plan meals through Sunday
Make grocery list
Grocery store - groceries and cake

In addition, I would like to:

Get chores done (beds and bathrooms)
Tidy house before Papa gets home (that's what I would want for my birthday)
Update Quicken

Tonight after we get the boys to bed my priorities are:

Plan Wednesday
Tidy school room for Wednesday
Choose story for "3"


Blissfulbee said…
Sorry about the horse, but I know what you mean about missing that ever so small window. At least it is a "holiday" at your house and considering we often take entire weeks off to celebrate the holidays of our culture, it seems fitting to take a day to celebrate a holiday from your very own family!!! :-)

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