At Home, Low Key Productivity

It's 1:00 p.m. on Monday.

I prefer s-l-o-w Mondays; more than any other day of the week, Monday is the day that I most need to be quiet and undemanding.

I never schedule appointments on Mondays if I can help it. I don't plan to grocery shop, either. The only errand I expect to do on Monday is to go to the library with the boys. We usually go earlier rather than later, but since the library is only open late on Mondays and Tuesdays, those are the best days for us to go because should we decide that cocooning all day Monday is necessary, we can still go after supper (even if it is late because the guys ride their bikes). Tuesday evenings are already booked, so Monday it is.

Lately I've realized how productive my Mondays actually are. Today I have done the following, all before lunch:
  • Tended the milk kefir, the goat milk kefir, and the water kefir, and washed the associated dishes.
  • Made smoothies for J and I to have for breakfast, and washed the Vitamix.
  • Put a jar of sun tea out in the sun to brew.
  • Brought in the dry towels from the porch, folded them, and put them in their respective pool bags.
  • Directed T in getting the day's laundry started.
  • Came up with breakfast for the dogs since we didn't have enough kibble.
  • Started a health log for J to document the things his doctor wants tracked.
  • Baked banana muffins, and washed the associated dishes.
  • Cooked 18 eggs in the Instant Pot so that we'll have them for the next week, cooled them, dried them, put them away, and washed the Instant Pot dishes.
  • Drafted a basic plan for this week's meals.
  • Chose the meat for this week's meals, and took it out of the freezer to defrost.
  • Started rice for lunch, and also started defrosting salmon.
  • Drove to the doctor's office to pick up lab orders for J, and made his follow up appointment while I was there. (I tried to do this Friday but missed them closing the office by 5 minutes.)
  • Cooked the salmon, along with reheating broccoli and alfredo sauce to go with lunch.
  • Checked the library accounts to see what is due today.
It seems I don't really mind doing things on Mondays, they just have to be things that I can do at home, and can't be huge tasks like mopping all the floors.


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