Fare Thee Well Homespun Waldorf

I am knee-deep in planning right now. Who am I kidding? I'm really up to my eyeballs, caught between loving the process and being overwhelmed with the desire to finish planning the year, plan out the first block, and prepare for our annual nature pilgrimage, all before an anniversary trip near the end of summer.

I went to consult with the Homespun Waldorf forum, which rarely has new posts, hoping to find something archived about high school chemistry ... and the forum and blog were not there!

I felt sad. They had been there perhaps just last month, and today there were gone. The message says that the account has been suspended.

My first thought was that all of our collective ideas were gone. It is an idea that saddens me tremendously. Then I remembered that this is not the first time that I have been part of a sharing of ideas and experiences that disappeared, and so I looked for the lesson.

Things are temporary, ephemeral even. This is as true of shared ideas as it is of physical things. However, the experience remains; I can still tap into how I felt when Homespun Waldorf was active. It is still a loss, but I see that it is one that came in stages. First we lost the active community, then we lost the collective wisdom of that community.

Perhaps it will come back. I don't think so; however. Why should someone pay to maintain forums that are no longer active? It may be that we lost the forum way back when people stopped coming.

Farewell, and hopefully I will see someone of the Homespun Waldorf community somewhere else.


Kristin said…
Is there a way to revive Homespun Waldorf?
I don't think there is :( It has been over a year since people were trying to contact the owner so that we could add new members, etc. I think she must have moved on.
Catherine said…
I just saw your blogpost when I googled for the forum. I feel sad about it ending too. I stopped posting there because nobody else was. I keep telling myself that it allows space for something new. I hope that's true. Cathy xo
Bruce Dickson said…
July 2017: If anyone knows the owners-organizers of Homespun Waldorf, it's easy and cheap to keep this alive as an archive. I have not done this but I know other similar sites which have. Mostly a tech issue.

Another possibility is to publish in booklet form a series Best of Homespun Waldorf. I did this with my 40 page Energy Medicine site.

Okay to contact me on the booklet effort. I also Waldorf trained.
Bruce Dickson
Health Intuitive
162 Alta St., Unit C
Arcadia, CA 91006 626-627-0296

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