Because You Like to Know

These are the resources we used for Grade 9/10:

Teaching Textbooks Geometry

CK-12 Biology and Illustrated Guide to Home Biology Experiments
J-Baby studied coding and electronics
Both boys continued to explore science through documentary films and natural exploration.

Literature/Language Arts:
We chose many classic works of literature and read and discussed them.  Writing, spelling, and grammar came along organically. Some of the works we read and discussed included The Grapes of Wrath, The Count of Monte Cristo, Pride and Prejudice, Emma, Sense and Sensibility, and Hamlet. J-Baby explored the works of Edgar Allen Poe.

History/Social Studies:
This year we focused most of our time on early American History, including colonization, the Revolutionary War, and the Constitution, and then peppered in history from many other places and time periods. Some of the books we used included Four Great Americans, Miracle at Philadelphia, A History of US, Common Sense, and several key speeches.  We also read The Royal Road to Romance, which focused mostly on geography.

Foreign Language:
Rosetta Stone Latin American Spanish (into level 2)

We continue with piano, guitar, and voice. This year we added in more composer studies and music appreciation as well.  We also studied several artists and their major works.

Physical Education:
Mountain biking and more mountain biking. There are always skills to learn and more ways to improve.


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