Catching Up

I've been doing a great job of meeting my daily goals; I just haven't been blogging about it. I walk just about daily now, mostly on errands. To the library and post office, to the movie theater, downtown to restaurants, to the farmers market, to outdoor concerts (at this point checking out rehearsals, mostly). Sometimes I get my walking in by going around the block a couple of times, or walking around window shopping and reminiscing. I haven't been on my bike, but that is something we can work on.

This week I did day camp driving everyday, so the tunes were cranked up. We're also listening to a lot of vinyl at home. I love putting on a record and sitting to listen, maybe knitting, but not using the music as background for activities like cooking and cleaning. There's a purpose to it, and a stronger appreciation, I think.

I sit outside daily, along with walking. My front porch is a beautiful place to be. I made it to the pool Tuesday; we don't usually go during day camp week as the kids are wiped out by the time they get home.

As for creating, I knit almost daily. I say almost because I might have missed a day, but I don't think so. I even knit up in the mountains at a race. Since 6/16 I've completed three waffle weave dishcloths (I went back to the pattern for another one, in cotton hemp this time), a "grandma" dishcloth, and I've added several rows (maybe 20?) to my shawl in progress. I also made deodorant last week, and made sunscreen today.

The kiddos have summer colds right now :( I made them chamomile/lemon/ginger/honey "tea" and they've been sucking on zinc lozenges. Papa wanted to give T an antihistamine last night, but I resisted since I believe that a runny nose is one way the body eliminates the virus, and also, drying things up can give bacteria a better medium to multiply in. Yuck! I'm weird, but I really think it's best to get through minor illnesses without allopathic medications, especially for a child who doesn't have work obligations that require him to be somewhere.

I can't say I know why the boys got sick, but I have my suspicions. Being around 75 other kids at day camp meant being exposed to germs.  But day camp also changed how the boys eat; they had far less fresh fruit each day (not much other than their morning smoothies) and neither of them ate a green salad all week. Plus they relied on bread for sandwiches everyday. In our family, lowering gluten consumption helps everyone have fewer colds. We didn't even eat beans and rice this week; we kind of had a vacation mentality and ate take out most evenings.


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