The boys weren't quite in the grab summer by the horns mood today :(  T-Guy wanted to save his energy for his Tuesday night road ride which is super intense, so he didn't want to swim or bowl. J-Baby had sore legs from swimming yesterday, so he didn't want to go either. They wanted to play video games and read.

Plus, my massage therapist had to cancel my massage, which was another :(  But it was okay; I went to the health food store in the morning, the post office and library in the afternoon, finished my current dish cloth, and finally took my new mountain bike out for a proper spin in the evening - it even involved a little bit of dirt. I had one of my favorite meals for dinner (our lighter meal): sliced avocado with salt and pepper on sourdough toast. Yum! I just got out of my second long hot bath of the day (with epsom salts, ginger, eucalyptus, and Medieval Blend essential oils) and plan to sink into bed with a library book very soon.

Spend time outside: We walked to the post office and library this afternoon and went for an evening bike ride.

Move my body: I walked to do my errands and went for a 45 minute bike ride in the evening. That's a little over an hour of movement, and some vitamin D via sunshine during the walk.

Create: I completed the dish cloth I started yesterday (and used the sewn bind off, which I had forgotten about and really love).

Music: We listened to a remaster of Led Zepplin III on vinyl.


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