I thought it might be nice to blog our homeschooling days again, at least for a short while. It always helps me to see how much we really do.

(We aren't in a Waldorf block this month.)

Today the boys:

Did their music practice.

Completed two lessons in their fractions workbooks. This is getting easier everyday.

Did WiiFit Plus for PE

Listened to The Story of the World: Volume 2 Chapters 1 - 3 in audiobook form. We've decided to do the entire book again, this time with activities.

Colored in three maps and put them in their main lesson books (MLBs). They also colored in a laurel wreath, created illuminated initials in their MLBs, and then used a template to create axes. I'll add in pictures tomorrow.

Listened to part of a chapter from Isaac Newton and Physics For Kids. This is our new family learning project/book, to be completed in the evenings with Papa.

I'm sure there was more in there, but this is all I can recall.


LOL, I can really relate to the feeling that the kids already know everything I'm trying to teach them! That's why I tell everyone that I feel less like a teacher and more like an educational enabler. ;)
Hm, for some reason that last comment wound up posted on a different post than I intended to comment on! Hopefully it made sense to you, because in relation to the content of this post, it makes no sense at all! LOL

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