Giving in to Illness

Oh, this is so hard for a mama!  Mamas aren't supposed to get ill, right? And when they do they are supposed to soldier through and be over it before anyone notices that mama was ill to begin with.

Only this time, it hasn't been true. Mama ran a fever for five days straight last week. Mama is spending lots of time in bed resting. Mama is still struggling to breathe deeply after even the slightest exertion.

I don't know what it is. At the doctor early last week my lungs were still clear and my cough was dry, but I was struggling with deep breathing and as my inhaler was empty we trudged off to the urgent care. Common cold, he said. Which is what I figured, and I don't go to the doctor for a cold, but I needed an inhaler that night. Oh, you're feverish and achy, especially your neck? Possibly the flu then. Here's a prescription for an inhaler - don't let it leave your side.

Of course, the fever continued, the cough got wetter, and the breathing even more difficult. I'm not even sure of some of the basic details of last week as I was in a fog. Papa helped out a lot, depute not feeling 100% himself. A good friend let the boys play at her house a couple of afternoons.

This week I surrendered. I have tried, repeatedly, to get back to the daily chores, etc. and my body refuses. I want to cook, to bake, to tidy, to do errands, and my body responds with body aches, exhaustion, and low fevers. Honestly, I am rather tired of the whole thing. So I've been doing the bare minimum, and slowly I can feel my health returning.

In this, we have returned to workbooks, and it is working out just fine. The boys have been able to keep up their fraction work and practice. They've watched some science and history programs as well, and they've still made it to PE. They've read and listened to audiobooks. They've done their daily music practice. It's all flowing rather well, and I imagine I need at least one more full week before I feel 100%, so we'll stick with what we're doing for now. It's very possible we'll keep this up until our next block is scheduled to start at the end of February.


NinnyNoodleNoo said…
Get well soon! x
Thanks so much ~ I am starting to feel much better!

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