Ancient Greece I Day 5

The end of our first full week of homeschool - yay!  I'll admit that it is rather exhausting to homeschool on top of my normal household chores, errands, and house remodeling.  I'll adapt and it will get easier, but this week was hard!

This morning we did our Daily Grammar and then a speed sheet from the Making Math Meaningful website.  Then we talked about the Minoans and what we know about them, plus what we thought they might have done with their boats.  Instead of creating a summary for the boys to write I assigned copy work in their penmanship notebooks (from Paper Scissors Stone).  I love these little notebooks and have used them for a few years now.  I had noticed T-Guy floating his letters in his main lesson book and wanted him to work on writing them on the baseline, and I also noticed some numeral reversals in J-Baby's work (still, even though he doesn't have any signs of a learning disability) so I assigned writing numerals to him.

J-Baby worked on finishing some math work from earlier in the week and both boys did their spelling.  It was an easy morning but in general we do keep Fridays easier and lighter.  It used to be our free day but now I find that I can't get in all the main lesson blocks if I don't plan lessons on Friday as well.

J-Baby had piano and I tutored my friend's daughter. Then we headed to the park for our weekly gathering with homeschool friends.  The weather was nice, warm but not unbearably hot.

I didn't take a picture today!  Instead I offer this (un-retouched) photo of the Greek food we were able to find at Trader Joe's on Wednesday.  I'm sure they had baklava as well, but as it isn't gluten free we didn't buy any.
We had some of the olives and cheese last night with dinner.  Yum!


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