Ancient Greece I Day 2

This morning we started with grammar and then some math review.  My boys seemed to have lost some of their long division skills over the summer and T-Guy asked for multiplication review as well.  Perhaps we will resume Life of Fred math next week.  I also want to take a look at our Making Math Meaningful curriculum and bring that into our lessons.  But today was simply worksheets.

When I planned our block I almost skipped the Live Education lesson for today; the boys know the myth of Theseus and the Minotaur inside out and backwards.  I think we borrowed The Hero and the Minotaur from the library 25 or more times over several years; it was one of J-Baby's absolute favorites.  However, the activity of drawing a labyrinth looked so fun that I decided we would do it.  The boys worked on drawing labyrinths while I read them the version of the myth from Gods and Heroes, the book recommended by Live Ed.

Tuesday is going to be our literature day (afternoon lesson) but I've decided to read our books based on the month, not the block schedule.  I'm working with my own boys for the next few months as a trial for teaching a literature class to other home-schooled children.  So instead of literature we had a long play date with good friends.

The picture gives a glimpse into our new homeschool space; I'll plan a full tour for another post.  It's working out really well for us, even better than I imagined.  We're still working on making sure it is neat and tidy after lessons, but we'll get there.


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